Change of specification: Exhaust gas temp sensor

October 20, 2006

We would like to let you know the change of the specification of
Exhaust gas temp sensor (05220) as follows. Along with this change, we finished the production of Exhaust gas temp sensor for kart (05221) because of unavailability of materials.

1. Shape

See the drawing below. 1.8m-extension cable is attached. If the sensor cable is too long, please cut the cable and fix up the connector by each customer.

2. Feature

It is possible to adjust the length of the sensor head when installing the sensor to the exhaust pipe. It is possible to make a special order to change the diameter and length of the sensor head within the range in the drawing

3.Special order

The delivery term will be about one month. By making the diameter of the sensor head smaller, temperature response will be high. But please notice the endurance could be lower. Please make a special order with understanding that the sensor is a parts of racing sports.

4. How to install

1. Make a hole in the exhaust pipe.
2. Weld the attached nut on the hole.
3. Mount the sensor in the nut and adjust the length of the sensor head.
4. Fasten another nut to fix the sensor head.

New specification of Exhaust gas temp sensor (05220)

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